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Keep military exercises away from populated areas

I am appalled at the conducting of U.S. Army training exercises during midday in close confines at Canalside. Clearly, public safety was not an important consideration. It was an extremely poor decision.

As a proud parent of a son currently serving in the military, I am well aware of the necessity of such training missions. I have personally witnessed many and admit they are breathtaking to watch from a safe distance. I am also very aware of the ever-present danger that accompanies these missions. At any given moment, anything can go wrong.

On a clear day in January, a Naval helicopter carrying an experienced five-man crew on a waterfront training exercise slammed into the Atlantic Ocean off Virginia Beach, Va. Only two of the crew survived. And who can forget the horrific crash of a Navy jet into an apartment complex in the same city in April 2012?

Both crashes were in heavily populated, tourist-friendly, waterfront locations. Doesn’t this describe the Buffalo waterfront? Surely, it does.

Mary O’Brien

West Seneca

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