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Israel is only protecting itself by responding in kind

It took long enough for someone to come to the Palestinians’ defense. Israel is only defending itself from a terrorist organization, Hamas, which won’t even recognize Israel’s right to exist. If Hamas stops the rockets, Israel will stop retaliating. Hamas wouldn’t accept an Egyptian-brokered cease-fire, which Israel would have. Hamas couldn’t even abide by a five-hour humanitarian cease-fire.

As for civilian casualties, you don’t think those Hamas rockets are aimed at military targets, do you? They use their citizens as human shields, hiding weapons in mosques and under homes. The morning I wrote this, Hamas said it had no intention of letting up. What is Israel to do?

What do you think the United States would do if Canada or Mexico or, Lord help them, Cuba lobbed rockets at us? Or Russia in the same circumstance? There wouldn’t be any call for restraint.

So if there is any sympathy for the Palestinian people, let it start with their “protector:” Hamas.

Jeff Miller


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