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If you want to find Hochul, look in your own backyard

Recently an article appeared in The Buffalo News asking “Where in New York State is Kathy Hochul?”

The article wrongly insinuated that once Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo selected Western New Yorker Kathy Hochul as his running mate for lieutenant governor, it was his intention to immediately silence her, to take her voice away. What an absurd notion.

I was offended that the article also suggested that Kathy Hochul, widely known for her frank and straightforward disposition, was acquiescing to “Stepford-like” restrictions to her candidacy for lieutenant governor of the State of New York. That implication is very disrespectful of both Kathy and women in general.

Cuomo has been a tremendous advocate for Western New York. It is no surprise that he would select a Western New Yorker as his choice for lieutenant governor.

As a true champion of women’s equality and all the issues women continue to face, it makes absolute sense that Cuomo would choose a woman as his running mate; particularly a very smart, articulate, strong and effective leader who loves Western New York and has dedicated her life to public service.

Cuomo did not choose Kathy Hochul as his running mate to silence her voice. He selected her so that her voice, as both a Western New Yorker and a woman, will be heard loud and clear throughout the State of New York.

Now, to correctly answer the question “Where in New York State is Kathy Hochul?” In all ways that matter, you will find Cuomo and his running mate, Kathy Hochul, right here in Western New York.

Eugenia H. Smith


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