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Ferry project should not involve the hauling of cars

I applaud Assemblyman Sean Ryan’s proposal for a pedestrian-bike ferry from Canalside to the Outer Harbor in response to a “lighter, quicker, cheaper” approach to developing our waterfront, especially if the ferries resemble a canal barge. I suggest a ferry stop at the site of the old Michigan Street bridge.

An existing foundation at South Michigan could be renovated and would be the shortest route from Canalside. Buffalo BikeShare could provide bike rentals between RCR and China Light on South Michigan, a city street that leads directly to Fuhrmann Boulevard.

What we do not need is a car ferry, now or in the future. To propose “we have to find a way to get cars over quickly” and “decide where to unload them” is contrary to “lighter, quicker, cheaper.”

Why do we want to encourage vehicle traffic? There is ample parallel parking on Fuhrmann Boulevard for pedestrians, cyclists, birders, fisherman, kite fliers and others who go to enjoy our Lake Erie waterfront in its natural state, not breathe car exhaust fumes. Any plans that disregard the natural environment should be abandoned for plans that enhance and protect this whole habitat.

Elizabeth Nichols

Grand Island

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