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Cheney casts a long shadow, even years away from office

Instead of remaining mired in the muck of history, where he so richly deserves to be, former Vice President Cheney is emerging with a chutzpah based on self-delusion and sufficient arrogance to criticize President Obama, who found an awful mess upon his inauguration and who has tried, in spite of Republican intransigence, to clean it up.

Cheney is a man who never met a war he did not love, and, as long as he did not have to fight in it, has been willing to send thousands to their deaths. Almost 5,000 Americans lost their lives, countless more suffered terrible injuries, and over 100,000 Iraqis died and are still dying.

He was aware that Saddam did not possess WMD (weapons of mass destruction). This means that he started a war on the basis of a lie. He told us that the war would last but a few months. Wrong. he told us that we would be greeted with open arms. Wrong. One would think that a decent human being would at least feel a sense of responsibility and guilt and would try to make amends.

Expecting this from former Vice President Cheney would be as pointless as waiting for Godot.

Andre Toth


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