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Farrell Four: The Traditional, Matthew Good, Rhubarb, Electric Church

We’re headed for the last weekend of July, so break out the green for the bucolic bonanza that is Garden Walk Buffalo.

Yes, we’re on the precipice of one of the wildest (as far as plant growth) two-day events of the year. Nearly 400 Queen City gardens in 48 hours make the walking tour no less than the CMJ Festival of scarlet begonias and manicured shrubbery. Pergolas, backyard koi ponds and the mere discovery of the city’s Cottage District will blow minds like a spot-lit Eddie Van Halen solo, so you should really get your stretching in – and bone up on the differences between a Japanese Garden and Russian Garden.

But what if the only gardens you care about are Soundgarden and Springsteen’s “Secret Garden”? What if you would rather tour through blues riffs than raised beds and roses? And what if the only plant you can take care of is a sad cactus? No problem. For all looking to trade out the grape arbors for guitar solos, don’t fret. This is Farrell Four:

The Traditional, 7 p.m. July 25 in The Waiting Room (334 Delaware Ave.)

Buffalo’s Traditional is on the move. The Anthony Musior-led emo-indie quartet recently signed with Los Angeles label Anchor Eighty Four, plan to release their next album in the fall, and will hopefully expand their Dashboard Confessional-esque power and mood past the borders of Erie County. If you’d like to see the band before this expansion, then slide down to Delaware on Friday, when it will headline an extended lineup of Cedar Kites, Real People, Younger Then, and Thrown Under The Bus – and all for six bucks.

Before you go, listen to: “The Perks Of Being Alive”

Where: thetraditional.bandcamp.com/album/split

Venue and show info: www.waitingroombuffalo.com.

Matthew Good, 8 p.m. July 25 in the Town Ballroom (681 Main St.)

Whether under his birth name or the expanded Matthew Good Band moniker, the Vancouver singer/songwriter has been stirring things up north and across American border cities since 1995. By dealing out the surging power pop of earlier hits like “Hello Time Bomb” or Juno Rock Album of the Year material found throughout 2009’s “Vancouver,” Good’s become one of Canada’s most prolific rock acts of the last 20 years. Still touring off last year’s “Old Fighters,” he’ll bring his distinct vocals and expansive catalog over the Peace Bridge when he finds the Theater District on Friday night.

Before you go, listen to: “Born Losers” (solo) and “Load Me Up (band)

Where: Spotify search for “Matthew Good” and “Matthew Good Band”

Venue and show information: www.townballroom.com.

Rhubarb, 10 p.m. July 26 in McGarret’s (946 Elmwood Ave.)

It’s safe to say that the members of local psychedelic funk outfit Rhubarab don’t take themselves too seriously. Their website address is rhubarbsucks.com; they have jammed-out tunes called “Christian Slater’s Scooter” and “Poo Dollar”; and as noted on their website, they’ve had more drummers than Spinal Tap. But just because they’re not some all-business outfit doesn’t mean they’re not sincerely interested in delivering danceable grooves and bourbon-toasted jams off their latest release “Shoot Yer Body Baby.” They are, and such intent should make this weekend on Elmwood just a little bit funkier.

Before you go, listen to: “Chafey KaCraw”

Where: reverbnation.com/rhubarbsucks

Venue and show info: facebook.com/McGarrets.

Electric Church, 2 p.m. July 27 at Colden Lakeside (9504 Heath Road, Colden)

Fact: You need to see Pat Harrington play guitar. Whether it’s this date in Colden or on another night in another location, you need to watch this Buffalo blues revelation strap on his Fender and expertly meander across his frets. Whether on original Church tracks or covers of Hendrix and the Allman Brothers, the baby-faced Derek Trucks disciple – still just a college student – will leave you hypnotized and wondering how much longer he’ll be relegated to playing clandestine lakeside restaurants.

Before you go, listen to: the band’s cover of the Allman Brothers’ “Whipping Post”

Where: soundcloud.com/electricchurchin-1

Venue and show information: www.coldenlakes.com.

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