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Letter: Treatment of Palestinians has been grossly unfair

Treatment of Palestinians has been grossly unfair

Over the past week The Buffalo News has published several letters to the editor as well as an editorial supporting the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) high-tech bombing and invasion of the Gaza Strip in response to the rockets launched by Hamas. It would only be fair to have the whole story presented.

Consider the following facts that seem to have escaped the writers. Start with the fact that Gaza has been cordoned off on all sides limiting travel, imports, exports or any commerce for any purpose other than those approved by Israel.

The continued building of settlements in the West Bank land that is occupied by Israel and walled off allowing free unobstructed passage for Israelis while strictly controlling the travel, imports, exports and commerce by Palestinians.

Targeted assassinations using drones, attack helicopters and advanced fighter jets that have killed more civilians and damaged the homes and properties of Palestinians simply based on the claims that the targets are terrorists, judged as such by some star chamber justice system that is beyond the view of any public scrutiny.

The whole relationship between the Palestinians closely resembles the 19th century U.S. practice of moving Native Americans by force to reservations as their lands were expropriated by a white European population and a government that used the resistance of the aboriginal population as a cover for what was clearly genocide. It also is a carbon copy of South Africa’s failed and discarded apartheid system of ghettoized townships and brutal subjugation of the non-whites before the system collapsed.

How many Americans would tolerate the treatment the Palestinians have been subjected in the last 50 years by successive Israeli governments without striking back citing the Second Amendment?

Ed Gentner


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