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Government should allow Lyft drivers to earn money

Having read some recent items in The Buffalo News regarding Lyft and the perceived “unfairness” between Lyft drivers and taxi drivers, is it too much to ask government to leave Lyft alone?

Not unlike taxis, New York State drivers must also insure, bi-annually register and annually inspect their vehicles in order to drive them. As well their fuel costs include taxes to improve infrastructure.

And whether a driver purchases a new or used vehicle and the usual maintenance and repair services that end up being required eventually, a good amount of dollars ends up as sales tax for Erie County and New York State. In fact, why are used cars the only such consumer item with perpetual sales tax?

But no, the powers that be are already peddling the lie to the media that somehow taxi drivers and their vehicles are held to a higher standard than private owner/operators.

It’s my prerogative as the private owner of an automobile paying all of the above for the privilege to drive it in New York, to monetize it any way I want.

Bill Reese


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