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Sidelines ups the ante on the sports bar theme with great food, drinks

Buffalo is known as a “drinking town with a sports problem,” so it’s only natural we have sports bars galore. Most of them are complete with memorabilia, gigantic high-definition televisions and typical bar food.

When my friends Julia, Jenna and I wanted to try a new sports bar, we soon learned that Sidelines was a home run.

My girls and I were able to grab three high stools at the clean wooden bar and were greeted almost instantly.

Jenna and I ordered Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy and Julia ordered an Amaretto Sour.

Other draft beers on tap include Blue Moon, Guinness and Rusty Chain for only $5.

Bottled beers include Blue Light, Bud and Bud Light, Red Stripe, Corona, Miller 64 and Ultra for $3.50.

Julia’s mixed call drink was $4.50, and well drinks are $3.50. Other liquor served at Sidelines includes Hennessy, Patrón, Disarona and Svedkae. Specialty drinks, such as martinis, are $6.

If you feel like having a glass of wine, you can pick from the long list of house, white and red wines starting at $6 per glass.

Inside, there are more than 10 high-definition televisions that play an array of sporting events. The walls are yellow and blue, and there are plenty of framed sports jerseys and other miscellaneous memorabilia.

Sidelines has a clean, casual and friendly atmosphere. There was chatter about sports, weekend plans, sports, work gossip and, of course, a little more about sports.

There was plenty of seating near the bar and in the next room over.

A wide mixture of music – from rap and rock to Top 40 – plays until a game comes on, and that’s when the television will take over the sound system.

As the night wore on, more and more patrons poured in. Many appeared to be regulars, and a great majority seemed to be in the 25 to 50 age range. All dressed casual, some in jerseys, and some sported a smile as they were surrounded by so many different games.

Jenna and I ordered some food. I was surprised by the variety of Sidelines’ menu. Jenna chose the chicken quesadilla, and I chose the Home Field Mac & Cheese, which was a game changer.

Other dishes include the Slam Dunk Turkey and Barbecued Pulled Pork sandwiches, the Bambino Burger and the Pigskin Salad. Every dish has a sports-themed name and an even better price tag. The average price for a meal is from $9 to $11.

The only downside to Sidelines is the parking. If you’re not lucky enough to find street parking, you can park in the lot next to the bar for a small fee that changes depending on the day you want to go. My friends and I paid $5 that Friday night.

Buffalo lives and breathes sports, and Sidelines will help feed the addiction with delicious drinks, savory dishes and fantastic service fit for a guys’ or girls’ night out.

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