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Letter: Churches should welcome all sexual orientations

Churches should welcome all sexual orientations

Reading the story of the Rev. Frank Schaefer’s willingness to risk his employment in the church in order to perform the wedding of his gay son was both moving and hopeful. There is a wind of change blowing through our nation, in both secular and religious spheres, that is moving our world forward in loving ways.

We have no doubt this is a movement of God, that comes with the promise to set us all free from our prejudices that we might welcome all as God’s beloved children. Why has it taken us so long to recognize that there is nothing wrong with gay people and that they deserve every right that every other human being enjoys?

Fortunately, many of our churches have recognized this too, and have decided, as the Presbyterian Church (USA) did in its recent General Assembly, to approve of same-gender weddings. Churches would do well to pay attention, especially since the vast majority of young adults fully support same-gender weddings and for very good reasons.

Do you want your church to grow into the future? The full inclusion and affirmation of LGBT people would be a good start.

Revs. Langdon and Janet Hubbard


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