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Marvin Gaye meets UB, Aretha Franklin meets Zumba and Buffalonians wear vegetables on their heads

The soul of UB

UB on the Green, which takes place on the South Campus for the next three Wednesdays from 6 to 8 p.m., is every bit as idyllic as the name suggests. When Buzz flopped down there last week, the band was the Soul Providers, and we had the supreme pleasure of beholding an all-ages group of grown-ups all dancing together – some expertly, some dorkily – to “Sugar Pie Honey.” Not only that, but it was Buffalo Night, and the Soul Providers came through with a great Buffalo twist on a steamy Marvin Gaye song. Buzz was laughing too hard to take notes, but we think the song went: “We’re all sensitive people, with so much to give, understand me sugar, since we graduated from UB, let’s say, I love you.” Ha, ha! Give that man extra credit.

The soul of Buffalo

Once a Buffalonian, always a Buffalonian. That adage was proven most recently by Aretha Franklin. Franklin, playing Artpark tonight, only lived here a few years as a kid but internalized Buffalo ways. She loves our food – in her memoirs, she mentions Ted’s. Her biggest hit was “Respect,” something Buffalo craves. And on the phone with her last week, a reporter – it was Buzz – was able to discern another Buffalo hallmark, aversion to exercise. The talk got around to stuff like that, as it inevitably does when two women talk – and Zumba came up. “Do you do Zumba?” Buzz asked Franklin. There was a pause. “Well,” she admitted, “it’s still in the box.”

Vegging out

How hungry is the crowd that turns up for Larkin Square’s Food Truck Tuesday? So hungry that last week, a lot of the food trucks sold out of their popular treats. So hungry that we’re not ashamed of our ability to eat – we wear it with pride! Literally. At the Arden Farm stand, artists were crafting food headdresses, made of greens, carrots and onions. And a lucky few people were walking around turbaned in them. Mmmm! Buzz likes this fashion trend. Only it’s a little bit pious. Can we get ours deep fried?

Hail Mary pass

Sunday, the skies cleared just in time for Buffalo News’ Jazz at the Albright-Knox concert. And introducing the band, emcee Don Metz offered advice on how we could keep this good luck going for future Sundays. “All the Catholics out there, if you hang a rosary from a tree, it won’t rain,” he said. Buzz has never heard of this superstition, but it sounds harmless. As long as you don’t blow it. At the end of the concert, singer Pat Flaherty held up a rosary. “Don’t forget,” she said. “Bury a rosary next week so it doesn’t rain.” Bury it? Luckily someone hastily corrected her. Whatever you do, don’t bury that rosary. Heaven knows what would happen.

The buzz

Worrisome sight o’ the week: a deer running across Delaware Park, among the soccer fields and tennis courts. What would become of it? Oh, deer! ... If you play your cards right in Buffalo you can spend every single summer evening lounging somewhere, free, listening to something, free. Tonight from 5 to 8 p.m., Larkin Square’s Food Truck Tuesday features Party Squad.


Took a leap of faith directly into this bottle and came out the other end very pleasantly surprised.”

– Gates Circle Liquor, recommending a wine

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