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Veterans cemetery is meant as a resting place of equality

While the proposal to name the new veterans national cemetery in Pembroke after Maj. Gen. William J. Donovan seems to enjoy widespread support, I am opposed to it.

Donovan’s service to his country was no more or less important than my grandfather’s in World War I, my father’s in World War II, my brother’s in Vietnam, nor mine as a supply clerk in West Germany during the Cold War, nor the infantryman’s in Iraq.

Family members visiting the new cemetery need not receive a subtle message that Donovan’s service was somehow more valuable than that of their loved one resting there. A veterans cemetery, above all others, should be a place of equality. I am sure Donovan would agree with these sentiments were he alive today. Western New York National Cemetery has a nice egalitarian ring to it.

Martin S. Nowak


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