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Clinton speech could hardly have been worth the money

I was stunned to hear that the University at Buffalo paid Hillary Rodham Clinton $275,000 for a speech.

To put that amount of money into perspective, consider that fewer than 3 percent of Americans claim annual incomes of $250,000 or more. Clinton must have had something really important to say to command in one hour what most Western New Yorkers would have to pay for a home in an upscale community.

I wasn’t at the event when Clinton apparently waxed eloquently. Did she explain why, when she ran for the U.S. Senate, she promised 200,000 new jobs, when in reality the area lost that many? Were the killings of innocent Americans in Benghazi finally unraveled?

According to a UB spokesperson, the university invites noted speakers to the campus to benefit the Western New York community. It seems to me that the only person who has been enriched from the invitation was Clinton herself.

UB is an institution that takes public money and mandates fees from its students, yet found enough extra money in its coffers to help fund a political campaign for a wanna-be president. Shame on you, UB.

William E. Leggiero Jr.


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