Genesee County Airport gets $630,000 in federal funds - The Buffalo News

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Genesee County Airport gets $630,000 in federal funds

BATAVIA – Genesee County Airport has received $630,000 from the Federal Aviation Administration for 700 feet of taxi lane needed to access new hangar areas at the airport, Rep. Chris Collins, R-Clarence, announced Tuesday.

“Supporting local governments with the cost of maintaining, repairing and building critical infrastructure is an appropriate use of federal tax dollars,” Collins said. “Local taxpayers send a lot of their hard-earned money to Washington and it is only proper that we get a share of it back to assist with projects that are important to our local communities.”

Timothy J. Hens, superintendent of the Genesee County Highway Department, said the money will “not only support local construction jobs, but it allows for the construction of the aprons that are needed to erect additional facilities necessary to address Genesee County’s long-standing waiting list for hangars.”

“More hangars mean more activity at the airport, which is good for the county and good for businesses at and around the airport,” Hens added.

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