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NORTH TONAWANDA – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will apply an aquatic herbicide along a seven-mile stretch of the Erie Canal for treatment of the aggressive aquatic plant, hydrilla, which is present in the Tonawanda Creek/Erie Canal area.

According to the Corps of Engineers the application will begin on Tuesday and application restrictions will be in place for the next 48 hours.

After the application swimming is prohibited for one day within the treatment area. Outside the treatment area there are no restrictions.

Livestock consumption of treated water is prohibited for 14 days. This does not apply to accidental exposure, such as a dog drinking water from the canal.

Canal water should not be used for irrigation of nursery or greenhouse crops for seven days.

There are no restrictions on catching and eating fish.

More information on the project and hydrilla are available www.stophydrillawny.org.

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