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Q: It’s nice to see Ally Walker back on television in “Taxi Brooklyn.” What else has she done since “Profiler”? – Jane Everett, Antioch, Calif.

A: She’s actually had a couple of other series, HBO’s “Tell Me You Love Me” and Lifetime’s “The Protector.” However, she’s also spent a lot of the in-between time in her real-life role as mom; she has three children with husband John Landgraf, who’s the president of FX Networks and the man who decided to bring viewers such series as “American Horror Story,” “The Americans,” “Justified” and “Louie.”


Q: If CBS is going to have football on Thursdays this fall, when will “The Big Bang Theory” be on? – Steve Long, West Palm Beach, Fla.

A: Fans of Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and the gang won’t be without them ... that show is such a major element of the CBS lineup, the network would never let that happen. For the early weeks of the new season, “The Big Bang Theory” will return to Mondays while the NFL games air on Thursdays.

Then on Oct. 30, “Big Bang” will move back to Thursday and be joined there by the season premieres of “The Millers,” “Two and a Half Men” and “Elementary,” along with the debut of the sitcom “The McCarthys.”


Q: I was surprised to see George Stephanopoulos give the clues in a “Jeopardy!” category recently. Did he get paid for that? – Robin Grant, Buffalo

A: Undoubtedly – but since all the questions in the category were about him, he might not have minded doing it even without pay. It’s interesting to note that confidentiality agreements had to be signed by everyone who was present for that taping, so that word of his appearance wouldn’t leak out early.

By the way, Stephanopoulos didn’t see the show himself when it aired, and for a good reason. As he explained when he returned to ABC’s “Good Morning America” the next day, he’d been on his way back from interviewing President Obama.


Q: I recently saw a TV movie with a young actress named Hallie Eisenberg. I noticed she bore a strong resemblance to actor Jesse Eisenberg. Could there be a connection? – Debra Lipkowitz, Columbus, Ohio

A: There could and there is. They’re siblings.


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