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Sew Simple / By Vicki Farmer Ellis

Dear Vicki: We have been invited to a wedding, and my problem is my daughter’s outfit. She is too old, 13, for a cute little dress, and too young for a cocktail dress. W what can she wear that will be age appropriate and make both of us happy? – Phyllis Z.

Dear Phyllis: I very much like this skirt from ModKid: Wrap Skirt. You could use a fresh pique if the wedding is daytime and summer, or a beautiful brocade for evening. It’s one of the “Micro Mini” patterns, so it can be made very quickly. These patterns are really accurate instructions because there are no pattern tissues, just measurements. So you make your own pattern pieces or just mark the fabric. This makes them very reasonably priced, too. It will be very easy to fit and make, and your daughter can help you. Please try to find the pattern at a local shop, or send me a check for $6.95 (Vicki Farmer Ellis, P.O. Box 220463, St. Louis, MO 63122), and I will send it to you. The instructions can be purchased online at


Dear Vicki: I have seen some expensive sportswear made of 100 percent linen. The linen I remember wrinkled when you looked at it cross-eyed. Is this linen still in style? – Penny H.

Dear Penny: It is, it is. Linen is a perennial favorite of designers for its ease in tailoring and ability to age. The thing that is different nowadays is that a washed look is in, no need to press out every wrinkle. It is still nice to iron a bit, but the laundered, distressed appearance is what gives it charm. Young people today value the authentic properties of pure fibers. I think it is a reaction to all the synthetic things that surround us. However, this is not to say that loosely fitted linens are exactly trim and body conscious, but they sure are comfortable.


This week’s reader’s tip is from Carol Beaver of Sunset Hills, Mo.: “I have made a fun accessory by taking men’s ties and fusing onto them floral appliques cut out of print fabrics. I cut the tie to about two-thirds of the length and knot it at about the short cut-off part, then apply jewelry findings to the ends and wear it as a necklace. I have gotten so many questions as to where to purchase them that I now supply two retail women’s shops.”

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