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• Carter Drive, Kiersten Ryndak; Lawrence J. Ryndak to Amy L. Foster; Matthew J. Foster, $233,000.


• Harper Drive, Joshua Burnham; Kelly L. Burnham to Jeffrey M. McAuliffe; Nicole K. McAuliffe, $218,000.

• Tryon Drive, Jeffrey M. McAuliffe; Nicole K. McAuliffe to Laurie C. Jerome, $147,450.

• Plain St., Patrick H. Hyla to James B. Tomkins; Donna E. Tomkins, $125,000.

LOCKPORT Highest price: $212,500 Average price: $90,358 Median price: $78,650 Number of Sales: 10

• Desales Circle, Marc Shurtz; Erica L. Dipalma to Stephen Preisch; Tanya L. Preisch, $212,500.

• Cottage St. & Genesee St., Syndicated Properties to Towne Housing, $142,000.

• 645 Lincoln Ave., Samuel Cuzzacrea; Samuel B. Cuzzacrea to Deutsche Bank, $117,332.

• East Ave. & Cave St., Mary C. Caridi to RM Retirement, $95,000.

• Pine St., Scott J. Olson to Benjamin J. Marohn; Lianda M. Marohn, $92,700.

• Massachusetts Ave., Benjamin J. Marohn to Peter J. Miller, $64,600.

• Juniper St., David Dipaola to Eric J. Smith, $55,300.

• Willow Ridge Condo, Unit 16, Kathleen H. Mills to Rosanne Hausman, $48,453.

• 645 Lincoln Ave., Deutsche Bank to Denise Folmar, $45,700.

• Erie St., Leona Esposito to Steven B. Gill; Albert R. Pascell, $30,000.


• Transit Road, Alix Development to Somers G. Sherman, $250,000.

• Harvest Ridge Way, Alexey Nikitkov to Gregory Burgess; Tracy A. Burgess, $239,000.

• Woodhaven Drive, Kathleen Scarselletta; Kathleen Michalski to Michael J. Sutt, $177,000.

• Amy Lane, Gregory Burgess; Tracy A. Burgess to Faith D. Zangl; Carl P. Holmik, $166,500.

• Stone Road, Richard D. Wheatley; Althea M. Wheatley to Catherine M. Levine; Ronald S. Levine, $123,500.

• Keck Road, Rita Gritzmacher; Daniel J. Gritzmacher Jr. to Allison Dupont; Nicholas Dupont, $88,000.


• 6507 Wheeler Road, Sonia Washuta; Glenn W. Arthurs; Phyllis B. Hastings; Michael L. McCabe to Niagara Frontier Developers Inc., $489,000.

• Transit Road, Shirley J. Clemons; Shirley J. Metzler to Jeffrey C. Herman, $133,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $117,682 Average price: $43,087 Median price: $34,100 Number of Sales: 16

• 210 81st St., Lisa Westoven; Bob F. Westoven; Lisa M. Westoven; Bob Frank Westoven; Frank Westoven; Bob Westoven to Wells Fargo Bank, $117,682.

• A St. West, Niagara Area Habitat For Humanity Inc. to Byron Stewart; Stephanie Cardillo, $77,000.

• 80th St., James D. Stypa to David Horth; Christine M. Bloom, $74,000.

• 81st St., Richard Brendon Jagow; Nancy Jean Olivero; Robert Grant Jagow; Elinor D. Murtaugh; Beverly Lynn Parise; Beverly Lynn Scalzo to Samuel Reele, $72,000.

• 1522 Lasalle Ave., Dora Properties to Alumot Amir Llc, $42,000.

• 87th St., Robert J. Snyder; Frederick R. Snyder to Rodney Wawro, $38,000.

• 3240 Belden Place, Rock It Homes Llc to Horizon Co.; Edward Doran, $37,100.

• 13th St., Upstate Development Group to Emerald USA Inc., $34,700.

• 411 12th St., Equity Trust Co.; Kevin Seaman to Alumot Amir Llc, $33,500.

• 2788 Livingston Ave., Uncle Buc R Properties to Shari Powley; James M. Otis, $31,914.

• River Park Condo, Unit 9A, 86th St., Mary Lipiano; Frank J. Lipano; Mary Lou Muszynski to Josephine M. Young, $28,000.

• Niagara Ave., Lisa Marie Emery; Lisa M. Vendetti; Scott Allan Emery to Theresa Credicott; Joseph Credicott, $27,500.

• 1519 Niagara Ave., Dora Properties to Lior Dayan Llc, $27,000.

• 20th St., James C. Paglino; Suzanne C. Paglino to David Hammond; Nancy Hammond, $25,000.

• 19th St., Rosemary Serianni; Louis Serianni; Anthony Serianni to Wing Properties, $18,500.

• 760 15th St., Deutsche Bank to Equity Trust Co.; Kevin Seaman, $5,500.

NORTH TONAWANDA Highest price: $250,000 Average price: $103,816 Median price: $75,000 Number of Sales: 11

• Selkirk Drive, Ilene Polley; Ilene Barrett to Beverly Muma; R. Jay Robinson, $250,000.

• Daigler Drive, MCW Construction Inc. to Karen M. Kane, $164,900.

• Wurlitzer Drive, Steven V. Guerra; Christina M. Guerra to Diane M. Zendano, $152,000.

• Woodlin Ave., Cheryl J. Davignon; June M. Nemeth; Sharon R. Chriss to Molly Stone, $135,000.

• Madison Ave., Kenneth Lowmaster; Linda S. Lowmaster; Kenneth J. Lowmaster; Linda Lowmaster to Heather C. Blacher; Charles S. Bordonaro, $114,000.

• 787 Payne Ave., Nathan A. Smoot; Deana L. Smoot to Megan A. Thompson; Wayne M. Thompson, $75,000.

• Edwards St., Eileen M. Bayer to Karen Lyn Perkovich, $71,500.

• 660 Shad St., Emily A. Harrison to Wells Fargo Bank, $64,680.

• 14th Ave., Jacqueline M. Plunkett to Robert Burton, $59,900.

• Old Falls Blvd., Harry B. Ward to Rochester Home Equity Inc., $50,000.

• Rumbold Ave., Vernon D. Zuch; Joyce M. Zuch to Alexanders 46 Inc., $5,000.


• Lake Road, Donald Kopf; Donald C. Kopf; Paula L. Kopf to Bradley S. Coon, $335,000.


• 8981 Telegraph Road, Niagara Orleans Country Club Inc. to NOCC Acquisition, $660,000.

• 8977 Telegraph Road, Daniel J. Graney to NOCC Acquisition, $150,000.


• Julie Court, Michael D. Zendano; Diane M. Zendano to Jennifer Miller-Mckie; Christopher A. Mckie, $229,500.

• Trails End Lane, Robert J. Williams to Tina Marie Day; Patrick G. Day, $206,000.

• Gombert Ave. & Nash Road, John P. Greene to Kelly L. Matusek; James R. Matusek, $121,000.


• Lake Road, Sidney M. Pearson; Charles F. Pearson to Robert W. Moore, $213,450.

• 339 Ontario St., Charles Mackintosh; Irene M. Hulicka; Karel Hulicka to Ray P. Haggerty, $108,000.

• Shadigee Road, Gregory Wargula to Sean K. Polley, $8,000.

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