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Letter: Regulations are needed to protect environment

Regulations are needed to protect environment

It is interesting that the constant cry for deregulation seems to be on the side of those who need it least, and is trumpeted by those who would benefit least by it.

The Keystone pipeline will endanger every acre it crosses. The people who want to bring it to us seem to be the same ones who brought us the Kalamazoo River spill, a cleanup that is never-ending.

Unemployment might drop if the ignorant reactionary cognoscenti would drop their opposition to the deferred maintenance they have imposed on our further deteriorated national infrastructure.

The Environmental Protection Agency is needed by this nation and the world as a further dam against the wealthy and self-entitled. No one needs clean water or air; so maybe they will also reopen the asbestos mines in the national interest and create a revolving, refillable job market.

Right-to-work laws – common in the stars-and-bars-waving South as a way to maintain a plantation-class society dependent upon lesser rights for the governed – have enticed corporations to relocate for the good of stockholders and upper-level management only.

It isn’t enough that there are people who continually parrot a belief without sound foundation, but that they are willing to forego facts to sell out hard-won rights of the many for the entitlement of the few. These are the same people who want to return to health care for the few, outlaw Planned Parenthood and sound public education policy and bring us their own version of divine Christian sharia law as a triumph of the U.S. Constitution.

Tom Druelinger

East Aurora

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