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Letter: Don’t allow hatred to cloud judgment

Don’t allow hatred to cloud judgment

The Williamsville writer who commented on Middle East events in the July 17 News must harbor a great hate in his heart. His remarks appear to blame Israel and Jews for the world’s ills. This rant is not materially different than what you would read in a Jihadist magazine. I only wish that the writer would have consulted with local Lebanese, Iraqi and Syrian Christians, and Egyptian Copts, on intolerance in the Middle East before making his foolish comments.

I feel a profound sadness for the people living under Hamas rule whose leaders elect to import missiles rather than books, and who teach hatred rather than harmony in schools that the U.N. Relief and Works Agency confirm are being used to hide rockets, thereby endangering the very people this writer is supposedly concerned about. It serves no purpose to libel a people, nation and religion simply to support what is evidently his own religious intolerance.

Lawrence M. Ross


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