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Buffalo athletes can compete for ‘Ninja Warrior’ status

Does someone in Western New York have what it takes to master an “American Ninja Warrior” obstacle course?

Fans and fitness buffs have a chance to see firsthand on Sunday as three athletes who have been on the hit NBC television series come to Hybrid Fitness to compete against more than 40 contestants from the greater Buffalo area.

“The course I put out has been really thought out, and it tests all components of fitness, from balance to strength to grip to jumping ability to mental toughness, so it doesn’t favor one particular discipline of fitness,” said Patrick Hall, who moved his gym three months ago from Delaware Avenue into a bigger space at 475 Ellicott St., behind Sea Bar, so he could build obstacles similar to those on “American Ninja Warrior.”

Contestants this weekend will try to master 17 obstacles set up in three stages. The winner will be chosen from the person who does Stage 3 the fastest, Hall said.

Obstacles include TV show mainstays such as the Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder and Quintuple Steps, as well as one Hall calls the Reverse Traverse: Contestants will need to jump from a trampoline to a set of nunchucks hanging about 10 feet from the ceiling, then get to a rope six feet in front of them and swing to, and make their way across, a set of five floating bars also hanging from the ceiling.

Show participants scheduled to compete include Henry Ferrarian of Yonkers; and David Coughlin and Jenny Lawler, a husband-and-wife couple from Boston. Coughlin is still in the running for this year’s finals.

Hall, 37, of Orchard Park, a personal trainer who swore off steroids eight years ago after the birth of his daughter, Sydney, has competed twice on the TV show and hopes to do so again next year.

The Buffalo Ninja Warrior competition starts at 11 a.m. Sunday and is expected to last till about 6 p.m. at Hybrid Fitness; pay $5 at the door to watch the action.

For more info, visit hybridfitnessbuffalo.com.

– Scott Scanlon

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