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Letter: Act now to keep guns out of children’s hands

Act now to keep guns out of children’s hands

A recent Another Voice column, “Law would protect children from unsecured firearms,” really opened my eyes. I had no idea that children were so susceptible to everyday gun violence in this country. I had to do some research of my own to verify that account, but I did.

A recent study published in the medical journal Pediatrics reported that 7,000 children are hospitalized or killed every year as a result of gun violence. Another 3,000 children die before they even make it to the hospital. That total, more than 10,000 children every year, is staggering.

The study revealed that the majority of those children injured by guns – 4,559 – resulted from intentional assaults. Another 2,149 were accidents, and 270 were suicide attempts. Obviously, one conclusion to be drawn from these statistics is that guns are too accessible to children.

The study was not conducted by some gun control organization, but rather by the Yale School of Medicine, and it lends credence to the call for sensible gun legislation safeguarding our children from the presence of guns in the home.

I continued my research by visiting the New Yorkers Against Gun Violence website and reading about Nicholas’ Law. It seems only logical that parents or other responsible adults with a gun in the home would want to safely lock and store their guns away from their children.

Linda Rowley


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