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Comedian ‘Earthquake’ brings his act to Helium

By Tim O’Shei

News Contributor

Before he was known as “Earthquake,” Nathaniel Stroman spent nine years as an airman and used to hit up open mic night at a local bar. When he left the Air Force, he made comedy his next career. During the two-plus decades that followed, he’s built a resume that includes a healthy list of movies, TV shows, comedy specials and a daily radio show.

Today through Sunday, it also will include stand-up gigs in the Helium Comedy Club.

It’s a nonstop life, as Earthquake shared in a recent interview.

What is something about the comedy industry that no one ever knows until they’re in it?

Earthquake: That you never stop working. No seriously, the comedy game is nonstop. I wake up to e-mails, calls, requests every day. Not to mention I’m live weekdays from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on QuakesHouse with WBLS radio in New York. Then I have my family to take care of too.

What are the biggest misconceptions people have about your life?

Earthquake: That this career in comedy is easy. I don’t just wake up with every joke in my head. The work of creating, crafting and actually performing all takes time to develop.

Is being funny a natural talent, or can it be coached?

Earthquake: Most people are born with the talent to be funny. In some cases you might find someone that learns how to do comedy but is not naturally funny. It’s like when a player has a coach. They were just OK until the coach improved their skills.

What’s your message for people who want to pursue a comedy career?

Earthquake: Don’t stop. If this is something you really want, keep getting better. Even when others tell you to go get a “real job,” tell them this will be a real job. Also, learn the legends that were funny before you were born. Just watching them will teach you a lot.


Who: Earthquake

Where: Helium Comedy Club, 30 Mississippi St.

When: July 18-20

Tickets: $22-$32

Info: 853-1211,

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