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Scott Bye gives old wood new meaning with Big Orbit sculpture

The recent work of Western New York sculptor Scott Bye is instantly recognizable. His newer sculptures, which have been on view at Canalside and near the Central Library in conjunction with last year’s Echo Art Fair, are made up of dozens of wooden shipping palettes (of the kind you might see supporting cases of bottled water at Wegmans) fanned out in various undulating configurations.

Bye’s simple and elegant work speaks about the potential to wrest beauty and new meaning from the everyday materials we normally discard and belongs to a language of repetitive forms in modern art that stretches back to Brancusi. A new sculptural installation by Bye, called “Turbine” and made up of discarded pieces of wood, goes on view Saturday in Big Orbit Gallery (30D Essex St.).

“The objects that I use all have preordained paths and established histories whose future is determined by their usefulness. By redirecting the object’s likely path towards obsolescence, through combining and repurposing them, I create a set of new trajectories for the objects to inhabit,” Bye wrote in a statement. “By transforming the materials that were once a part of our everyday surroundings we are able to reinvent how we perceive the world around us.”

The exhibition opens with a reception at 8 p.m. Saturday and runs through Aug. 31. Call 856-2717 or visit for more information.

– Colin Dabkowski

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