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Pockets of resistance to vaccination exist

The July 6 News article, “New rules on vaccines won’t affect most kids,” might have been even more interesting had it shared the chiropractic profession’s philosophy in addition to the “religious exemptions” it cited.

In her 2012 article in “Topics in Integrated Health Care,” an international journal, Dana J. Lawrence wrote: “Even though vaccination is generally seen as one of the great successes of modern public health, pockets of resistance to vaccination exist. One such pocket of resistance is within the chiropractic profession. Reasons for this may relate to the philosophical basis for the profession and the antipathy the medical profession has traditionally shown chiropractic. This paper examines the nature of chiropractic opposition to immunization and places it squarely in the context of bioethics and public health, with a professional emphasis on personal autonomy over community good.”

Gloria B. Miller, ACSW, Ms. Ed.

Orchard Park

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