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Letter: Many problems are rooted in dreadful Roe v. Wade

Many problems are rooted in dreadful Roe v. Wade

Recently, Mitch Albom wrote an article titled, “When did fathers become expendable?” I think it probably started about 1973, when Roe v. Wade became the law of the land. Fathers (as well as children) became expendable at that moment. The women’s liberation movement had a part in this, too. That movement promoted the idea of a woman not needing a man anymore, which would include a man who would be the father to her children.

Now, in 2014, fathers are even more expendable because we have gay “marriage.” Why do I say this? Because two women make a father expendable. Traditional marriage is becoming taboo in American culture, and traditional marriage says that mothers and fathers matter. When people support traditional marriage, they are bullied and criticized for holding on to this “old-fashioned” belief. This belief has been around for thousands of years and has honored mothers and fathers. When traditional marriage is looked down upon, then we get more expendable fathers.

I think fathers and mothers matter and I don’t think fathers are expendable. Am I allowed to say such a thing in America today? May I hold on to a tried-and-true belief? May I even have an opinion in 2014? And, will readers tolerate my opinion of “When did fathers become expendable?”

Kathleen Sacilowski


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