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Letter: Get behind Ogilvie and improve schools

Get behind Ogilvie and improve schools

Hooray! Donald Ogilvie is appointed interim superintendent of Buffalo Schools. He’s the perfect fit – a local man and an experienced educator who knows the ropes, knows Buffalo and New York State. Not some outsider who would need a couple of years to figure out the ins and outs. No need for a lengthy and expensive search process, which was a charade anyway.

It’s a shame the board minority can’t get over the fact that Pamela Brown is out the door (finally, with a quarter-of-a-million taxpayer dollars as a reward for her terrible job performance) and Ogilvie is in. The July 9 board meeting was more of the same old same old. The four minority members acted like petulant children. Their abstaining on the vote is the same as saying, “I’m going to take my ball and go home.” Come on, ladies, grow up. Don’t blow this chance to move forward.

Ogilvie stated his mission is in the classroom, not the boardroom. This guy is the real deal. It’s time to support him, not to be argumentative and disruptive. No one ever choked to death when she had to swallow her pride. Deal with it.

Joseph A. Coppola


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