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Four correction officers injured at Gowanda facility

Four corrections officers were injured this past weekend at Gowanda Correctional Facility.

On Saturday night, as an officer was leaving one of the yard towers, the entry latch above him fell on his arms, causing him to lose his balance and fall about five feet down the stairs. He was transported to Erie County Medical Center, where he was treated for a compound fracture to his right arm and kept overnight for observation.

An investigation revealed that the hydraulic cylinder on the entry hatch was broken. The tower is closed for repair.

On Sunday morning, three officers were injured while attempting to subdue two separate fights between inmates in a dormitory room at the medium-security facility.

One officer was taken to Lake Shore Hospital in Irving for injuries to his back and shoulder. He was treated and released. Two officers were treated at the facility for shoulder and wrist injuries and cuts and abrasions to an arm. All three did not return to duty.

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