Former muffler store manager jailed for stealing $15,000 - The Buffalo News

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Former muffler store manager jailed for stealing $15,000

LOCKPORT – The former manager of Lockport’s Cole Muffler store, who failed to repay most of the $15,000 he stole from the business, was sentenced to two years in jail Tuesday by Niagara County Judge Matthew J. Murphy III.

Scott J. Hoffman, 29, of Robert Drive, North Tonawanda, seemed to have succeeded in the judicial diversion program of court-supervised drug treatment, as his charges were reduced from felonies to misdemeanors, and he was placed on probation. But he violated probation by using drugs and paying back only $40 of the money he stole from the business by taking money out of its bank deposits during 2011.

Murphy said an order will be issued to require Hoffman to repay the rest of the money after he is released.

Hoffman, who also had pleaded guilty to selling two painkiller pills to a police informant in North Tonawanda, said he had a bed lined up for inpatient drug treatment, but Murphy jailed him instead. He had been behind bars for four months awaiting final action.

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