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Letter: Young people appear to lack self-confidence

Young people appear to lack self-confidence

I am a baby boomer. My parents were children of the Depression who lived into their mid-80s. My grandparents emigrated from England and Ireland. They lived into their 90s. As I wondered how my forebearers made it so long, I realized that they grew up in an era when walking was the primary means of transportation, and the food they ate was mostly fresh, not processed. They didn’t head to the doctor for every minor ache or pain and they didn’t go to the medicine cabinet every time they sneezed or couldn’t fall asleep. I learned from them that life includes a certain amount of discomfort and that given a little time, it will pass by itself without any remedy. If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.

My generation is fading and the next is coming to the plate. What I see disturbs me – as the younger generation has been doing to the older generation since time beyond memory. The young ones seem to have lost confidence in themselves. They seem to think they aren’t good enough. They get implants to enlarge their chests. They get tattoos to make themselves look better(?). They swallow prescription and over-the-counter pills for the malady du jour promoted by drug company TV ads. They dye their hair in outrageous colors. They pierce their face, ears, nose, belly button and lips. They flock to tanning beds and gyms in the pursuit of unattainable perfection put forward in magazines.

Relax already! Be who you are and have some faith in yourself. You’re great just the way you are. You’ll probably live longer that way.

Michael Hall


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