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Letter: Stores make it hard on disabled shoppers

Stores make it hard on disabled shoppers

My daughter and I went clothes shopping last week. At the age of 87, my legs are no longer capable of carrying me through the many aisles of any store. No problem; the Boulevard Mall has plenty of wheelchairs for elderly or handicapped people.

The problems started when trying to navigate the aisles and use a handicapped fitting room in one of the anchor stores. The aisles were so narrow a person walking would have trouble. The biggest area of complaint was the fact that the fitting room for the disabled was locked. We advised a clerk and she had no concern or idea as to what to do. She asked another clerk and said security would have to unlock it. After waiting 10 minutes, another clerk with a less-than-caring attitude told us to go to the other handicapped fitting room. Off we went to the other end of the department. Alas, it was occupied. No trouble; we waited about 10 minutes. Finally, the door opened and out walked a lady with no handicap.

We finally tried things on and made our way to the cash register. I asked the clerk for the manager’s name, wanting to report the whole ordeal. The clerk told me she had no idea who the manager was. I had her ask another clerk. She knew the manager’s name, but had no idea how to spell it. We left with a whole new outlook on this store. Unfortunately, it was all bad.

Alice G. Karas


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