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Letter: Regulations destroying our country’s economy

Regulations destroying our country’s economy

I am a concerned voter and I fear that the unemployment rate, the National Labor Relations Board, the Environmental Protection Agency, executive mandates and erosion of freedoms are destroying our country.

Unemployment rates could drop drastically with the permitting of the Keystone XL pipeline, drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, and opening government public lands to exploration. Delaying approval of the pipeline is based on political gains rather than easing the pain for thousands of workers.

The EPA is destroying the coal industry based on carbon emissions; hindering fracking for natural gas wells; taking control of our waterways; and just obstructing employment and progress.

An American company, Boeing, was nearly precluded from opening a manufacturing facility in a right-to-work state by the NLRB. This is not the American way. No agency should have that kind of power. Although Boeing made some concessions to open the multimillion-dollar facility, this does not make sense.

Our present economy is based on fines, penalties and unduly regulating industries that previously contributed to progress and building a strong America.

Daniel A. Peters

East Aurora

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