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Letter: America cannot afford to take more immigrants

America cannot afford to take more immigrants

This is in response to The News editorial, “Immigration impasse.” I’ll bet most of the protesters were hard-working, taxpaying citizens who are fed up with this open border nonsense because we are paying for it.

It’s our government’s responsibility to secure our borders and to control immigration. It has failed miserably! The reform legislation doesn’t secure the border, and we are going to offer amnesty to how many illegals – 15 million to 20 million? Our government doesn’t even know how many there are.

The only way to secure the border is to bring some of our 150,000 troops stationed overseas home to work alongside the Border Patrol and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement to secure the border and deport illegal aliens who have been caught and detained.

We no longer have the resources to take in all of the world’s poor and put them on government assistance. Not with our debt heading toward $20 trillion.

With only 50 percent of the folks paying federal income tax, there aren’t enough taxpayers to support what this government is trying to do. I’ll bet if the Democrats tried to tax their base to pay for their agenda, then you’d see some real ugliness. Let’s put a check box on income tax forms for liberal Democrats so they can volunteer to pay more taxes. I’d love to see how many would put their money where their mouth is!

Bill Stetz


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