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Hamburg looking for more quiet zones

Now that Hamburg has two quiet zone railroad crossings, it is looking to add a couple more, and one councilman suggested residents start lobbying Erie County.

Two of the proposed sites are on roads owned by Erie County – Lakeview Road and Pleasant Avenue – but the county does not want a quiet zone on its roads, town officials said. The town had to take over the section of Rogers Road owned by the county before the quiet zone could be established last month.

“I think it’s going to be up to the residents to really push the county on this,” Councilman Michael Quinn said Monday night, urging resident present petitions to county officials.

The quiet zone allows a train approaching an at-grade crossing to refrain from blowing its horn. The town received grants to install narrow yellow medians or traffic separator systems on Rogers and Cloverbank roads, and there is money left over.

Town officials met with officials from the county highway department late last month.

“They said they would consider options on the length of road the town would have to take over,” Town Engineer Gerard M. Kapsiak said.

He said the county first discussed the town taking over about 4.5 miles of road. He got another proposal last week that would more than double the length of road, he said.

“I think they think they have us over a barrel,” Highway Superintendent Tom Best said.

He said it costs the town $100,000 to pave one mile of road, and taking over that much more would be costly to the town.

Town officials said they would go back to the county, to try to negotiate a more acceptable option.


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