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Obama has been doing far better job than Bush

I am amazed to hear of polls suggesting President Obama is one of the worst presidents. Baloney! Let’s look at the facts from when he took office after conservative President George W. Bush.

Fact: 288,000 new jobs were created last month, making it five consecutive months of 200,000-plus jobs created. The last time that happened was in 1999.

Fact: Unemployment was at 6.1 percent last month, compared with 10 percent in October 2009.

Fact: The stock market was at 6,547 points in March 2009. Since then, it has nearly tripled, going over 17,000 points this month.

Considering we have a Republican-led House of Representatives in gridlock, what Obama has achieved is nothing short of incredible.

Too many people listen to right-wing radio and TV lies claiming the country is in bad shape and it’s the fault of liberals led by Obama. People need to check the facts. Give me progressive, pro-growth liberals anytime over do-nothing, economy-killing conservatives.

Mark R. Jones


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