Letter: No worker is worth $7 million per year - The Buffalo News

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Letter: No worker is worth $7 million per year

No worker is worth $7 million per year

As a user and shareholder of National Fuel, I was outraged by The News article stating the pay for 2013 for David F. Smith, chairman and former CEO, and Ronald J. Tanski, president and COO.

You hear on the news and read in the paper every day about how this country is going in the wrong direction as to taking care of our citizens, and I do not mean handouts. We cannot pass a bill increasing the minimum wage for people who are working perhaps two jobs just to keep their heads above water. Yes, workers – not the lazy bunch on the taker’s end of the stick.

It is very hard for me to fathom what “value” these men added to their positions to warrant their individual salaries of $7,598,107 and $6,406,362, respectively. There is no value that anyone can add to his position to warrant this kind of compensation, and I do mean no one. I intend to complain to the Public Service Commission.

Mary Anne Viehmann


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