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Letter: Congress, not Obama, should be under attack

Congress, not Obama, should be under attack

Douglas Turner’s July 7 opinion column regarding President Obama’s tone “risking disrespect for the office” and the conservative talk shows, which latched onto recent poll results with full fervor, need a reply and some context.

Turner quotes a Gallup report that describes the public’s respect for the three branches as follows: “Congress, 7 percent; the Supreme Court, 30 percent; and the presidency, 29 percent.” Yes, the do-nothing Congress garnered the least respect. Why wasn’t Turner’s opinion about Congress?

The Quinnipiac survey was quoted as listing Obama “as the worst president since World War II” (and the fourth best.) Which was the worst Congress and the worst Supreme Court?

So Obama is getting a little testy when working with the other two branches of government. I am amazed that he has been able to hold his tongue for the past six years. After being nitpicked for every move he and Michelle made, it is amazing. Frequently called a wimp of a president, he finally speaks out with a tiny amount of fire and he is “risking disrespect.”

I find fault and serious disappointment with some of what is happening during his administration, but risking overuse and overreach of his executive power is not included. Watching the needs of the nation languishing because Congress can’t come to any agreement is not a choice. Congress fails to compromise and refuses to let potential legislation get to the floor for a vote because the goal of Republicans is to not let the president succeed in any way.

What the right calls arrogance, I’d call courage. Risking your reputation by “going it alone” takes more guts than lying low and accepting the inactivity of Congress. The nation is not served if both branches fail to act.

Charles Friedmann


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