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Letter: Beware hidden fees from funeral homes

Beware hidden fees from funeral homes

When my wife was diagnosed with lung cancer that had spread to her bones in her back and hips, she decided to enter hospice care for her final weeks. Hospice team 9 did a wonderful job caring for her and keeping her as pain-free as possible.

When her death became imminent, my daughter contacted a funeral home for a cremation. She wasn’t given any cost information on the telephone. One week later my wife died and we went to the funeral home to finalize the cremation. That’s when we were told it would cost $4,400. Needless to say, we were shocked. We weren’t getting anything special, just the basic services.

My wife’s best friend’s husband happened to have died on the same day as my wife. He also was cremated with the basic services. She paid $1,100. Was my cremation worth $3,300 more? I think not! Her funeral home service charge was $570 while mine was $2,880. My funeral home said the difference was due to staffing and overhead costs.

If you need a cremation service, you should call the funeral home and ask what their funeral home service charge is. This will prevent sticker shock and put you in a better position to compare prices with other funeral homes.

Ed Amirian


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