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Letter: High court ruled wisely on contraception issue

High court ruled wisely on contraception issue

I would like to remind the writer of the letter titled, “Right wing threatens to destroy our nation,” that the traditional use of the word “conservative” during the time period surrounding the world wars is one that refers to a political perspective favoring a more monarchical form of government. Including, of course, an overarching control by a central government with little to no input from the everyman. So please, do not attempt to compare the grass-roots “conservatives” (who favor a smaller government) to the atrocity-committing regimes of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. U.S. conservatives are actually quite progressive compared to the traditional understanding and use of the term conservative throughout human history.

The action of the Supreme Court does not remove the right of women to use contraceptives. The necessary drugs are still available under the Affordable Care Act. However, organizations with “sincerely held” religious beliefs are no longer required to pay for something that violates their beliefs. It seems to me that this is quite a compromising ruling that does not outlaw their use (which would be a true violation of women’s rights) but limits the field on who is required to provide them.

Shaun Gendrue


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