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Letter: Fracking experiment is a bad idea for New York

Fracking experiment is a bad idea for New York

A recent News editorial, “We need much better data on fracking before setting off on a drilling boom,” suggested allowing one or two counties to become science experiments for fracking. Any fracking experiment that puts New Yorkers in the cross-hairs of health and environmental danger is unacceptable. Exposing our fellow residents to such hazards makes no sense given all the evidence of harm fracking has caused across the country.

There are not only a growing number of peer-reviewed studies showing this, but the damage experienced by Americans living with and near fracking is disturbing and far too common. In many cases, states and the federal government have failed to protect people from the gas industry. The Environmental Protection Agency failed to pursue investigations in Pennsylvania, Wyoming and Texas despite possessing evidence linking fracking operations to water contamination. State governments performed no better in protecting public safety and the environment.

This demonstrates the stakes in protecting our residents from predatory, multibillion-dollar gas corporations that are often irresponsible and have undue influence over government with their lobbying efforts. That’s why we passed a ban on fracking and fracking waste in Erie County. We know that the toxic chemicals used – and the ones the gas industry refuses to disclose – will poison our land, water and health.

Betty Jean Grant

Erie County Legislator

District 2

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