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Letter: Festivals aren’t fun for overheated dogs

Festivals aren’t fun for overheated dogs

Once again, at a summer festival intended for human fun, I saw numerous unhappy dogs being led through the heat. Summer festivals are great fun, but dogs do not enjoy crafts, games, food they can’t eat, crowds, music, rides, noise or anything else that festivals have to offer. Dogs get badly overheated and the pads on their feet are not intended to walk on hot pavement.

Not only do dogs not find festivals fun, they do not find jogging or being pulled alongside a bicycle in the heat a happy time. Watch the next dog you see involved in one of these activities. You will see a panting, stressed-out, helpless being.

People who love their dogs cry outrage at the heartless person who would endanger the life of a dog left in a hot car. It is unfortunate that some of these same people lack the insight to leave their dogs at home with a bowl of water instead of forcing them to exert themselves in temperatures dangerous to their health.

I wonder how the festival celebrants, joggers or bicyclists would enjoy what they’re doing in a fur coat and bare feet.

We do have some humane consciousness as a community regarding dogs left in hot vehicles, although sadly little legal recourse to correct it. Let us attempt, at least, to enlarge this consciousness to include dogs being forced to engage in summer “fun.”

Sharon Levy


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