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Letter: Court made right call in Hobby Lobby ruling

Court made right call in Hobby Lobby ruling

Three items in the July 1 News merit mention.

First, I praise the Supreme Court’s ruling favoring Hobby Lobby in the matter of contraception coverage vis-a-vis the so-called Affordable Care Act. Any religious entity deeply opposed to abortion or other like procedures ought not to be forced to support them; people seeking such services should do so on their own dime. The high court made the right call; it deserves a loud and hearty “amen” from one and all.

Next, a My View writer wonders about the lack of encouraging patriotic music. I listened recently to a Canadian preacher who asked, “Can we really sing, ‘God keep our land glorious and free,’ when our country dabbles in all manner of lewd and wicked things?” By that same token, can we truly sing, “God bless America,” when our nation (due largely to overreaching “rulings” by some feral judges) embraces all manner of lewdness and wickedness?

And lastly, a letter placing opposition of the endeavors of the current White House occupant on par with treason calls for a response. Opposing, or even blocking, the wrongheaded endeavors of your esteemed president is not treason in any way; it’s called checks and balances. Does he not remember learning that in history class?

Lloyd Marshall Jr.


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