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Letter: Fiscal responsibility exemplifies Reed term

Fiscal responsibility exemplifies Reed term

Contrary to recent publications, the following I believe depicts accurate descriptions of Martha Robertson and Tom Reed.

Fiscal responsibility exemplifies the Reed term while Robertson’s camp avoids the term. Robertson’s fiscal posture is exemplified in Tompkins County by a 60 percent spending increase, four salary raises, doubled tax rates and a $100,000 walnut desk as part of a $1.2 million legislative makeover.

Reed supports the repeal of Obamacare and its $700 million cuts in Medicare, including cuts to Advantage Part C that many seniors depend on to cover services not covered by parts A and B. Robertson doesn’t believe Obamacare reaches far enough. She prefers a one-payer government-run system. Have we not seen enough veterans die in Phoenix in the VA government-run system? If the single payer doesn’t work on this level, how can we trust the government to run a nationwide system? Can we afford the spiraling debt an expanded, irresponsible program will cause?

Reed is a supporter of the Constitution as envisioned by the Founding Fathers. He fights to ensure legislation like the New York SAFE Act isn’t enacted at the federal level. Robertson says she opposes the SAFE Act, but fails to tell you she voted in favor of it and then flip-flopped on her decision. Obviously, this was politically motivated and not a conviction.

Reed represents the 23rd District with the fervor of someone homegrown. Robertson is a textbook, Nancy Pelosi type, ultra liberal who believes that global warming is a bigger threat than unemployment, taxes and regulations.

Raymond P. Case


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