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Letter: Support Israeli efforts to capture teens’ killers

Support Israeli efforts to capture teens’ killers

The remains of three innocent teenagers murdered by Palestinian terrorists were discovered in a shallow grave near the city of Hebron. Reports of forensic analyses indicated they were killed shortly after their abductions 18 days earlier.

In response, President Obama has called on Israel for “restraint” and avoidance of “destabilizing” responses. Other news outlets report that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is engaging in “frantic” consultations with the United States to forestall an Israeli military response.

When U.S. children have been killed, Obama has not been concerned with “restraint” or “destabilizing” responses by law enforcement agencies. When the Palestinian Authority merged with Hamas, there were no “frantic” efforts by Abbas or Obama to intercede with Hamas, or with the Palestinian Authority or the population in general to refrain from terrorist acts.

The message seems to be that when innocent Israeli children are murdered, different standards are applied than when other children are murdered. Specifically it is not the ongoing murderous rhetoric by some Palestinian groups that evokes either calls for restraint or frantic efforts at prevention of such murders. Instead it is only the potential consequences of such murders that are the primary focus of concern.

This anti-social stance, unfortunately typical of Abbas, is unworthy of the president of the United States. Instead Obama should be supportive of Israeli efforts to apprehend the perpetrators, and to engage in legitimate military self-defense measures.

Daniel H. Trigoboff, Ph.D.


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