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Letter: Criticism of Bruno Mars really boggles the mind

Criticism of Bruno Mars really boggles the mind

By all accounts, including Jeff Miers’, Bruno Mars put on a great show. He had people dancing and smiling. But instead, The News review was oddly focused on his fashion sense. First off, he was born and raised in Hawaii. If anyone can wear a Hawaiian shirt and pull it off well, it’s Mars. Same goes for skinny jeans. Forgive me if I don’t think a middle-aged curmudgeon pop music critic is qualified to judge someone on his style.

It really sounds like Miers was just looking to criticize something. I bet Mars could have handed Miers a cartoonish bag full of money and his reaction would be to criticize the fabric of the bag or how the dollar sign was drawn on it. “The tunes came fast and furious and flawless, as if they’d been rehearsed in such a fashion.” So, Miers is mad that Mars was well-prepared? It’s a fault that someone shows up and meets expectations?

Would Miers rather people leave First Niagara Center the way they usually do during the hockey season? Instead of toes tapping and heads bopping, a bunch of people shuffling out with drooping heads to the tune of sad Charlie Brown Christmas music?

Alexandra Gallant


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