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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• Subbera Road, Robert A. Proefrock; April D. Proefrock to Carolyn Dolan; Peter M. Dolan, $189,900.

• Church St., Ronald E. Kightlinger to Nathan E. Kightlinger, $140,000.


• Legacy Drcarriage Houses at Legacy, Building 734/Unit 105, LMK Realty Associates to Frances Cale, $216,945.

• Simmons Road, Ray A. Sekera to Austentic Inc., $24,000.


• 1 North Transit St., Hamilton Lockport Associates to Cole WG Lockport NY Llc, $4,767,164.

• 1 Summit St., Michael Kahle; Brian B. Kahle to Susan M. Hollingsworth, $74,730.

• Juniper St., Stanton E. Noon; Heather E. Noon to Osward J. Cabrera; Jessica L. Cabrera, $74,000.

• Prospect St., Robert Virtuoso to Anthony Person Kyle; Kyle Anthony Person, $67,500.

• Locust St., William J. Stamp to Margaret R. Brown; Daniel J. Brown, $65,500.

• 313 Cottage St., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Crestview Property Holdings, $18,000.

• South St., Hugh J. McCartney; Catherine M. Mccartney to RJ Riverrock Enterprises, $16,750.


• Prospect St., Adam Wylubski; Angela M. Wylubski; Angela M. Downs to Rhonda J. Harris, $116,000.

• Van Horn Ave. & East Exchange St., Nathan W. Bridges to Danielle C. Pomeroy, $92,000.

• Ewings Road, Scott Jeffords to Lawta Properties, $45,000.

• Brown Road, Roger W. Strong to Keith Hetrick III, $10,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $175,000 Average price: $50,198 Median price: $40,000 Number of Sales: 19

• Terrace Drive, Melissa M. Whelan; Melissa M. Ranieri to Luz Maria Parker; Luz M. Parker, $175,000.

• 716 84th St., C.W. Reno Miles to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $89,303.

• McKoon Ave. & Vanderbilt Ave., Robert Selkowitz; Abigail Levin to Cory M. Cech; Corinne E. Abrams, $88,000.

• Pear Ave., John M. Tisdale; Helen L. Tisdale; Patricia A. Kunkle to Anne R. Dill, $78,900.

• Orchard Parkway, Domenick E. Iannuzzi; Betty I. Corieri to Jeffrey J. Orchard; Robert C. Donner, $75,000.

• 93rd St., Florice Palermo; Michelle M. Hoffman to Joseph S. Colavecchia, $73,250.

• 70th St., Sarah Demiglio; Michael A. Lucatra; Agatha M. Lucatra to Michael A. Palmeri Jr., $60,000.

• 71st St., Mark Johnson; Diane Johnson; Susanne M. Johnson; William Johnson to Kenneth Wagner, $53,000.

• 2480 Cleveland, Redbird Properties to DHGF Llc, $43,500.

• 79th St., Ann Higgins-Keating; Ann Marie Higgins-Keating; Kathleen M. Higgins; Michael T. Higgins; Colleen A. Smith; Joseph Michael Higgins to Central Development Group Inc., $40,000.

• 38 Duane Ave., Freida Parker to Simone M. Cain, $39,750.

• 8249 Troy Ave., Kellie S. Woods to Moria M. Mort, $29,401.

• 8713 Munson Ave., US Bank to Michael Scott Stallard, $25,655.

• Hyde Park Blvd., Juliet A. Gordon; Mary H. Biro to Dora Properties, $24,000.

• 1706 18th St., Willie Magwood to Wing Properties, $15,000.

• 22nd St., Deokie Sooknarine; Vijai Bissessar to LMP Maintenance Inc., $14,000.

• Michigan Ave., Keybank to Wing Properties, $11,000.

• 18th St., Gavin Mariano to Golden Calf, $10,000.

• 14th St. & Ferry Ave., Deokie Sooknarine; Vijai Bissessar to LMP Maintenance Inc., $9,000.

NORTH TONAWANDA Highest price: $133,000 Average price: $105,610 Median price: $104,590 Number of Sales: 8

• Bryant St., Beverly G. Metzgar; Beverly G. Brownell to Melissa Yochman; Andrew S. Grabowski, $133,000.

• Castlebar Drive, Denamarie Wildt; Denamarie Drozdowski to John J. Farkas, $132,000.

• Colvin Blvd. & Sweeney St., Michael F. Heim; Barbara M. Denny to Robert J. Farleo, $129,900.

• Woodward Ave., Jane L. Sweet to Patricia J. Sylvester; John J. Sylvester Jr., $109,180.

• Summit Blvd., Mahmoud Khweiss; Mark Lemke to Michael F. Heim, $100,000.

• Spaulding St., Katie A. Wright; Katie A. Thompson to Jakob Getty; Kelly Getty, $85,000.

• Meadow Drive, Kenneth C. Stoll to Jeanne E. Wilson; Sarah E. Newman, $79,800.

• Keil St., Sandy Daniels to Joseph P. Jank, $76,000.


• Oakwood Drive, Barbara M. Kwasniak; Barbara M. Athans to Sara Loeser; Josef Loeser, $216,300.

• Campbell Blvd., Randall Tiebor to Ronald Larocque, $41,500.


• Lake Road, Mark A. Orsi to Stephanie M. Smeal, $141,000.


• Wolcottsville Road, Connie L. Weiler; Kelly A. Urtel to David Waters, $62,500.


• 1641 Quaker Road, Melissa M. Zeitz; Kenneth S. Poole to US Bank, $69,879.

• Somerset Drive, Ray D. Fitch; Linda C. Fitch to Jeri L. Linderman; Herbert A. Linderman, $31,500.

TOWN OF LOCKPORT Highest price: $775,000 Average price: $204,936 Median price: $150,000 Number of Sales: 11

• Glendale Drive, Mueller Properties to Georgian Lane Apartments, $775,000.

• 5512 Hartford Drive, Robert Hugar; Nancy Hugar to Robert W. Luff, $239,900.

• Ridge Road, Sandra Preston Loesch; Christopher Loesch to Marlene Nadel; Todd E. Nadel, $209,000.

• 6803 Erica Lane, Michael Swanson; Lindsay Swanson; Lindsay E. Swanson; Michael M. Swanson to Thomas A. Hoffman, $172,500.

• North Canal Road, John J. Ellegate to Robert A. Proefrock; April D. Proefrock, $155,500.

• Niagara St., Ann M. White; Earl C. White Jr. to Joseph Filippelli; Brianna Hunt, $150,000.

• Erna Drive, William M. Carosella to Roger W. Covell; Linda B. Covell, $138,000.

• Bowmiller Road, F. Paul Weitzsacker; Mary Ellen Weitzsacker; Frederick P. Weitzsacker to David F. Hinton, $123,000.

• Strauss Road, Rodney K. Horner to Barbara L. Fox, $104,900.

• Sherman Drive, Ronald A. Sutton; Margaret F. Sutton to Justin P. Walck; Kristin M. Leszkowicz, $97,500.

• Akron Road, Kathryn A. Dorazio; Daniel S. Dorazio to Thomas W. Mangine Jr., $89,000.

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