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Reasonable discussion on gun rights is crucial

Yet another gun rights advocate has chastised Hillary Clinton because she dared to say “rein in … [the thought] that anybody can have a gun anywhere, anytime.” It seems to me this comment reflects the views of most Americans.

And just like so many of them do, the writer runs to the Second Amendment and our Founding Fathers’ beliefs. (I wonder what they would say about Sandy Hook?) Nowhere in the amendment does it provide for unrestricted access to weapons. It does, however, provide for a “well-regulated militia.”

I say again: Nobody is going to take away the guns of law-abiding citizens. So many people want to promote this fear that the “government” will break down your door and confiscate all your weapons and then establish some sort of dictatorship. Nonsense!

Unwillingness to talk with one another about reasonable gun management leaves us all in danger.

George McNally


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