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Jerry Sullivan’s baseball quiz answers

1. In order of career homers: Tino Martinez (339), Darryl Strawberry (335), Cecil Fielder (319), Ruben Sierra (306), Bernie Williams (287), Paul O’Neill (281), Jorge Posada (275), x-Derek Jeter (258).

2.Tim Raines and Wade Boggs.

3. Rick Aguilera

4. Chase Utley, who had seven for the Phillies.

5. Frankie Frisch, Pete Rose, Tim Raines, x-Jose Reyes and x-Jimmy Rollins. Raines again? Why isn’t he in the Hall of Fame? Mickey Mantle had only 72 triples, by the way.

6. Tim Hudson (212), CC Sabathia (208), Bartolo Colon (197), Mark Buehrle (196), and A.J. Burnett (152).

7. Goose Gossage (310), Gene Garber (218), Eric Gagne (187), Eddie Guardado (187), Danny Graves (182), x-Kevin Gregg (177), Tom Gordon (158).

8. Butch Hobson, who hit 30 homers for the 1977 Red Sox and 98 for his career.

9. Jerry Reuss no-hit the Giants in 1980.

10. LaTroy Hawkins, of course.

11. Mickey Cochrane and Darrell Porter.

12. John Lackey, for the 2002 Angels and 2013 Red Sox.

13. Mike Schmidt of the Phillies, from 1974-76.

14. Carlos Delgado (473), x-Adam Dunn (452), Andre Dawson (438), Joe DiMaggio (361), Chili Davis (350).

15. In order, the pitchers were Mark Buehrle, Dallas Braden, Roy Halladay, Philip Humber, Matt Cain and Felix Hernandez. Buehrle, Braden and Hernandez all did it against Tampa Bay.

16. Adam Dunn. Hey, that’s twice in the last three questions.

17. Tony Phillips had 132 walks and seven homers in 1993 with the Tigers. Rickey Henderson had nine HRs, 125 walks for the ‘96 Padres. Wade Boggs went 5-125 for the Red Sox in 1988.

18. Barry Bonds and Bobby Abreu. Abreu, still playing for the Mets at 40, reached the 400 steal mark in late May.

19. Ken Griffey Jr. (Mariners and Reds), Jimmie Foxx (A’s and Red Sox), Mark McGwire (A’s and Cardinals), Manny Ramirez (Red Sox and Indians), Rafael Palmeiro (Rangers and Orioles). Yes, it feels dirty just typing it.

20. Matt Holliday of the Rockies. The Phillies’ Jimmy Rollins won the 2007 MVP.

x-still active

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