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Super Handyman: Planning a move this summer? Here are our useful tips

Summer is the most popular time to make a move to a new house. School is out, and we have more vacation time. You can save a lot of money if you do some of the moving yourself, so here are some of our favorite moving tips:

Start collecting boxes in advance, or buy used moving boxes from a neighbor. Use clothes and linens as packing material.

Label your boxes. It might seem like a waste of time, but it will save you tons of time in the long run. An option might be to place a colored sticker on each box, corresponding with a particular room. An example would be a green sticker on all kitchen boxes and a blue sticker on office items.

Slip a large trash bag over hanging clothes and tie the hangers together with a cable tie or the tie that comes on the bag. You can move the whole bundle at once this way.

If you have to disconnect electronics, take a photo of the back connections. It will make reconnecting them a lot easier.

If dismantling shelves or other similar items, bundle hardware pieces together and place them all in one place where you will easily find them.

Plastic wrap is available for wrapping furniture, and it’s a great way to protect fine fabrics or wood that might get scratched. It’s also a great way to bundle pillows on a sofa or to keep drawers closed. You also can wrap drawers with clothes and other items still in place. The wrap will seal the goods inside and make this job a lot easier and quicker.

Borrow or rent a dolly. This really will make moving the heavy stuff a lot easier.

Moving straps, or “shoulder dollies,” are a pretty good tool to use for moving heavy objects. It gives you better control and helps center the weight.


Q: We’ve had pegboard up in the workshop for years and it’s been just great, but it’s starting to warp a little bit. During the winter, we have a little moisture problem in our garage. I’ve added ventilation, so that should be under control now, but the damage is done to the pegboard. Is there any way to straighten it out? – P.S.

A: If you can add more spacers and anchors to the wall behind it, you might be able to straighten it out some. Other than that, replacing it is your only other option. It’s not very expensive, just time-consuming to remove all of the hooks and tools and install a new piece. It really is a great invention, and we love it too!

A Super hint

Even though the grandkids are beyond the baby-wipes stage these days, we still keep some handy for cleaning up in the workshop. These handy wipes can clean some pretty greasy messes – even some paint. They will at least let you get into the house without messing up too much stuff on the way in.


Gorilla Glue makes more than just the sticky stuff. Their new Self-Standing Bags are super for the workshop, yard and even indoors.

These one-of-a-kind bags have sturdy, 3.3 mm-thick side walls and a square base, which allows them to stand up on their own. You easily can fill them up with all sorts of things, up to 42 gallons of material or 200 pounds of stuff. They even come with zip ties for easy closure.

Look for the bags at your hardware store or home center, and online at

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