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Letter: Right wing threatens to destroy our nation

Right wing threatens to destroy our nation

The Holy Alliance of the early 19th century, despite lofty words about moral values, was a tool that arch conservatives such as Klemens von Metternich used to suppress democracy, progressive change and secularism.

There is today in the United States an unholy alliance of conservative greed, reactionary politicians and oppressive religious fanatics, which has a pinnacle of power in the Supreme Court, whose recent Hobby Lobby decision fired another volley in the war against women.

The results of the original right-wing alliance, through a complex series of trends and events, resulted in the world wars that nearly destroyed civilization in the 20th century. The current coalition could, I fear, test the patience of progressive, honest, civilized people to the point of rebellion and bloodshed should they rise up to overthrow the wealthy, the backward-facing politically and those who would impose their superstitions upon the rest of us.

I hope saner minds among our violent species can prevail. History is not supportive of this hope, but maybe humans are capable of changing.

Continued refusal of the right-wing controlled Republicans in Congress to allow government of the people to function is a major contributor to this dangerous trend. The “big lie,” of course, is that corporations and wealthy people are in favor of, instead of bitterly opposed to, the right of each individual to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

John Marvin


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